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Based in the Royal Historic City of Lancaster UK, Emma makes and creates both jewellery and crafts that uses a range of gemstones and other bead types. Taking inspiration from colour matches, film, TV, social media ‘how to’ videos to what she has available in stock, her creations are handmade and have a unique flare.

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Bendrigg Trust

A tour around a Cumbrian Independent charity primarily for those with additional needs.

Bespoke Natural Skincare Workshop

There have been many reasons why I have not been blogging of late. Not to go into too much detail, but both personal and professional lives have been quite hectic. I get worked up/stressed quite quickly and easily and over the past few months it was taking its toll,...

WINK Gala Dinner & Shopping Event

Before I start, this is going to be a long post. So much happened over the course of two days this will be like an essay. Don't worry, there will be pictures to break it up. Plus, I will allow you to pause, put the kettle on and to get biscuits (tee-hee)!! *Update: It...

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