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 Emaz Beadz

Welcome To My Shop

Handmade Jewellery and Crafts Using Genuine Gemstones, Silver Plated Wire and occasionally Sterling Silver. With some other materials thrown in too. Based in the Royal Historic City of Lancaster, with all these great creations designed and made in the ‘She Shed’.

About Me

Established in 2013

My name is Em(m)a and I use Beadz in my work. Hence the name: Emaz Beadz I’ve been making and selling my handmade jewellery and crafts for the past 6+ years. It’s mainly wirework, but I’ve dabbled in silver-smithing too. All of my creations are made in the ‘She Shed’ using genuine gemstones. I attend craft fairs, have a Facebook account as well as an Instagram account, along with my online shop.

Welcome to my world of beadz and I hope you find something a little bit different.


Not Just a Shop!

I have a keen interest in gemstones and crystals. That’s why ALL my products come with brief information about the gemstone used.

Crystal Healing





Favourite Designs

Zodiac Earrings

Pick one pair of earrings from this handmade selection of 12 gemstone earrings that represent each signs of the Zodiac. (It’s OK if you want more than one!!)

Lapis Lazuli Pendant

A lapis lazuli pendant, wrapped in sterling silver wire and placed on an 18″ Singapore chain.

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This is just another way for you to show your support / appreciation towards me and my unique, handmade items. 

Homemade From Scratch

UK Suppliers

Silverplated / Sterling Silver

Self Taught